Setting up an Apache Web Server as a proxy in front of EJBCA

This section will show you how to use an Apache Web Server Proxy in front of EJBCA. The resulting server will

  • Display EJBCA public web at
  • Redirect all HTTP-requests to HTTPS, except for OCSP and CRL.
  • Require a client SSL certificate when accessing
  • Be able to loadbalance requests
  • Still answer to requests on*

This example was created on Ubuntu 64-bit Server 7.10 using the Apache Web Server 2.2 package, but should be easy to adapt to any system able to run Apache.

Start by installing EJBCA as normal. If you intend to have the CA on the same machine as the proxy you should modify $EJBCA_HOME/conf/ to only listen to localhost Continue reading “Setting up an Apache Web Server as a proxy in front of EJBCA” »


EJBCA Custom OID DN and altName oids

EJBCA supports custom (your own) OIDs in DN components.

In order to add such a DN you can simply call the DN for example:


Where is your custom OID.

Custom OIDs are always encoded as UTF8String in the DN.

To get support for custom OIDs in the Admin GUI you must edit the file src/java/ and add your new OID in the end. Just follow the example in the file, and you will get the possibility to add you oid in the End Entity Profile, and following that also when adding new users. If you edit, you should also add an entry in src/adminweb/languages/ (where XX is you language). Otherwise your new field will be displayed as the key that you entered (which is probably ok also) in the admin-GUI. The new field you must add in the language file is the last field in, i.e. the LanguageConstant. Continue reading “EJBCA Custom OID DN and altName oids” »