Analysts deal mass of data during their statistical aim or fraud detection due to huge flow of information in every aspect. Displaying a relation, reporting and presenting the outcome of a fine analysis depends on a clarified and understandable picture.

The primary aim of bttScope is to help analysts to transfer their valuable effort to a final product.

Whether used as an offline presentation tool to display relations, or getting the anomaly out of data automatically, bttScope can be provided as an ultimate tool for time-saving process and pinpoint a target.

Complete Investigation and Analysisb

ttScope is primarily designed for law enforcement agencies for fraud detection using Call Detail Record Analysis.

The urge of time, accuracy and reliability when dealing petabytes of data is a confrontation for designers. BTT' s experience provided the correct solution for mediating various of data format from unlimited types of databases.

bttScope uses robust technology “Q-System” to unlock the difficulties of mediating mass data on the flow. The unique architecture gives developers and system designers an highly efficient use of existing hardware and clarify their queries. The key sentence is “massive amounts of data indexed-as-per-requirements”.

Tailor Made Approach

bttScope is a tool just like any other daily software on an ordinary user.
The needs of a corporation or an analyst can not be answered by standard solutions. It is a known fact that every problem, every question needs its' own answer. BTT' s wide sectoral experience provides a Tailor Made approach to every customer.

From Law Enforcement to Finance, Medical to Automation Design bttScope can be customizable for every Analysis Task.

Connectibility and Multiple Databases

Corporations’ system design is made up of various types of databases both in terms of physical type like Oracle, Mssql, Mysql, vs and/or in terms of contents. (National database, credit card database, medical history,…)

bttScope aimed to provide a refined pool of data, collected, correlated and displayed in one screen.
The identities defined by an operator can be added to ongoing analysis screen automatically without any additional interpretation.

Patterns out of Bulk Data

Scanning all the data for analysts is a time consuming procedure. For a human eye massive amount of data is nearly impossible to analyse.

btt-Scope; features robust architecture for match, extract and correlate patterns as well as -mining- for new behavioural patterns.

Once the pattern is provided to the system the Data is “pre-prepared” for fraud detection and prevention, criminal investigation, intelligence gathering or any other analysis objective.



Technical Details

bttScope can be used both ONLINE and OFFLINE for various need.

In Online mode all analysis can be queried with connection to databases. New approaches, new queries send to server and can be added to project on screen.

In Offline mode operator can use a specific data in Microsoft Excel format(xls) or Text format (csv) to work on even with his/her laptop.

The operators can use indefinite number of their choice of icons that can be added to palette of bttScope.

To get the analysts task easier, the strongest/the weakest/the shortest paths between two identities can be monitored just with a click of a dropdown menu.

To create a pattern template, bttScope has a configuration interface, that gives opportunity to users to create relations with more than 2 identities on 1 screen.

Relationship details cards are available in bttScope statistical user interface in web site format. This option helps to identify links, determine link strengths, and to find relationships.


Integrated data can be retrieved from outer sources and can be embedded into bttScope. This feature enables Geographical coordinated to be displayed on actual maps and see the links of relations on real locations.



bttScope can be deployed as all in one system. Database connection, the user interface and even database can be provided with remarkably economical costs.

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