Zimbra 8 Community edition on Scientific Linux 6 (64 Bit)

Install SL 6.3 (64 bit)

  • Installing SL6.3 (64bit)  with 'minimal' installation mode
  • Post installing, fix with the Static IP Address (Public IP and I assume the system is not behind firewall)
  • Double check with /etc/resolv.conf file parameters

Prerequisites for ZImbra installation

Let's firsy update-

yum update

Let's install some pckages as well

yum – y install sudo sysstat gmp libidn libstdc++ bind bind-chroot bind-libs bind-utils wget php perl nc sqlite

and few more packages-

yum install compat-libstdc++-33 sysstat

If anything missed out you'll know in the next steps, if anything left google it, chances are you'll be able to yum it :), however for this time being the environment is made. Now proceed to download Zimbra.

Make some backend job-

  • Make sure 'SELINUX' is disabled
  • The iptables service is stopped
  • 'postfix' service is stopped and disabled at runtime and on boot

Download ZImbra

My downloaded edition was-


Once downloaded, get inside the extracted folder. Continue reading “Zimbra 8 Community edition on Scientific Linux 6 (64 Bit)” »