Using an Aladdin eToken with firefox

A very easy method for importing (or removing) keys in your eToken is to add the eToken as a Security Device in Firefox. The procedure for Thunderbird and Mozilla/Seamonkey is nearly identical. To add your eToken as a security device , follow these steps

  • Start Firefox
  • (Linux) Go to Edit->Preferences->Advanced->Tab "Encryption"
  • (Windows) Go to Tools->Options->Advanced->Tab "Encryption"
  • Click on 'Security Devices'

You should see a screen similar to



CRYPTBOT Secure web-Mail

Security Purposes


The CryptBot Secure web-Mail™ was developed for solving the e-mail security problems, especially the attacks of junk or spam e-mails and viruses. This web-based security application also serves you with the digital identity and confidentiality of your e-mail by using the PKI (Public Key Infrastructure); digital signature and encryption, which you can digitally sign and encrypt your e-mail on the IE web browser. The standard secure web-mail consists of three types of e-mail modes which each mode is designated for each specific use as follows: Continue reading “CRYPTBOT Secure web-Mail” »

Communigate Mail Pro


The CommuniGate Pro Secure Mail (S/MIME) functionality is based on the Public Key technology. Using S/MIME, you can:

  • digitally sign your message, so the recipient can:
    • verify that the message has been really sent by you;
    • verify that the message content has not been altered and that it was received in exactly the same form as it was composed by you (the sender);
  • digitally encrypt your message, so only the recipients can read it, even if the message has been intercepted while it was being transferred, or if it has been copied from the server files that store the message.