PHPSysinfo Installation and Configuration on Debain

PhpSysInfo is an awesome PHP script that displays system and other monitoring information for Linux. phpSysInfo pulls data from /proc and other locations to display on an easy to read page.

On Ubuntu or Debian, install phpsysinfo with:

$ sudo apt-get install phpsysinfo

The config file is then located in:


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Install and Configure Zenoss as Centralized Monitoring System

Good system administrator should know that they need to do these 3 most important things after delivering a server:

As part of monitoring task, in this tutorial, I am going to show on how to build a centralized monitoring system using Zenoss. Zenoss will need to use SNMP agent in every server that need to be monitored. If you have high number of servers, you should use Zenoss instead of Cacti or Nagios because it is easier to setup and maintain. The web-based management portal is really easy to understand and you can monitor a lot of things, not limited to SNMP MIB reporting only.

Zenoss has the community version which is free. The latest version of Zenoss at this date is version 4. Zenoss installer recommending user to use a clean server. But in my case, I will use a cPanel server which really not heavy in usage for this purpose. In order to run Zenoss in ‘not-so-clean’ server, I need to use Zenoss stack version 3. I will be using following variables:

OS: RHEL 5.3 64bit (Tikanga)
cPanel: 11.32.3 (build 23)
Zenoss server IP:
Server to be monitored: and Continue reading “Install and Configure Zenoss as Centralized Monitoring System” »