M3U Restream

There’s a wonderful piece of microservice node.js based restream utility, that let you re-stream from a source and also do the ffmped transcoding if you’d like. I just liked the piece!

My installed OS was Ubuntu 18.x and I used node version 12.x.

The problem

You have an IPTV provider that provides an (extended) M3U playlist file. You want to:

  • Add HTTPS encryption to the streams (and probably move the unencrypted reception offsite).
  • Transcode the streams to a lower bitrate, or convert to a uniform video or audio format.

The solution

Run this software, preferably on an offsite host. It only requires a Node installation (No NPM modules are required!). To add HTTPS support, front it with nginx (or similar). Continue reading “M3U Restream” »


How to Upgrade Node.js via NPM

Steps to Upgrade Node.Js

Use the following steps to install or upgrade node.js to latest available version. Current NodeJs Version – First check current nodejs version on your system using following command. In my case it is

v0.10.37.rahul@tecadmin:~$ node -v

Clean Cache Forcefully – Now clean all npm cache from your system forcefully.

rahul@tecadmin:~$ sudo npm cache clean -f

npm WARN using –force I sure hope you know what you are doing. Continue reading “How to Upgrade Node.js via NPM” »