Using NSLOOKUP to view DKIM records

NSLOOKUP is a quick and convenient way to verify that your DK/DKIM records are set up properly. The policy for DK/DKIM is a TXT record at this location:


For the selector record you have to use:


For example, do a NSLOOKUP for TXT at:

Open the Start menu
Select Run...
Type cmd [Enter]
In the command window, type: NSLOOKUP [Enter]
Type: set q=txt [Enter]
Type: [Enter]

List all DNS records from a Nameserver using nslookup

How to list all records below some domain name.

Usually it’s done from interactive nslookup mode, not from batch mode

nslookup - your_dns_server
>set q=any
>ls -d

listing may be prohibited by administrator or by firewall settings, in that case you get empty output or ‘not implemented’ errors.

How to get all records of the domain name itself. In that case you need to run on Windows:

nslookup -"set q=all"


nslookup -q=any