Limit Sending/Receipt Email Per day, Per Week or Per Month

For activating module accounting, open webui via browser


choose accounting | configure. Select add, and fill with the following example

Name : Rate limit perday
Link to policy : Default
Track : Sender:@domain . You can choose with your choice
Period : Daily
Message Count Limit : 5000
Message Cumulative Size Limit : empty. I am not using cumulative size
Verdict : HOLD.
Data : You can fill with information if policy has been fulfilled. for example, you can fill with "Sorry, your maximum email perday have been full"
Stop processing here : No
Comment : You can fill with comment or emptied
Disabled : No

If no tables for module accounting and get information “no such table” while create rule, you can manually adding tables accounting to sqlite. Continue reading “Limit Sending/Receipt Email Per day, Per Week or Per Month” »