Adding NextCloud as a Windows Drive using Rclone

Pretty Straightforward-

rclone config
choose "n" for "New remote"
choose name for Nextcloud --> rshare (or any name you want to keep as rclone config name)
choose "Type of Storage" --> Webdav
provide Nextcloud URL for webdav access --> https://<nextclouddomain>/remote.php/dav/uploads/<user>/
choose Vendor --> Nextcloud
specify "user" --> (see `<user>` in "Configuring rclone" above).
password --> y (Yes type in my own password)
specify "password" --> (see `<password>` in "Configuring rclone" above).
bearer token --> ""
Edit advanced config? --> n (No)
Remote config --> y (Yes this is OK)
Current remotes --> q (Quit config)

Check the connectivty by apply the command in the command prompt-

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Reboot Windows 10 using RDP

This article is for sysadmins who know better, wanting to Shut down or Restart (or even enter Sleep) over RDP anyway.

At left, user clicked on Start, Power, then has three choices. Using RDP at right, choices are rather limited.

Using Command Prompt

Open a Command Prompt

a. To initiate a Shut down, type:

shutdown /s /t 0

then press Enter

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Windows 7/10 auto login and locking tricks

Setup auto-login

  • Open Start menu/Search
  • Search for and open regedit
  • Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/Software/Microsoft/Window NT/CurrentVersion/Winlogon
  • Create or edit DefaultUserName (string) and set it to your username to run plex under
  • Create or edit DefaultPassword (string) and set it to the password for the default user
  • Create or edit AutoAdminLogon (string) and set it to 1
  • Reboot to test if the auto login is working

Auto locking after login

  • Open notepad as administrator
  • Copy: rundll32.exe user32.dll,LockWorkStation
  • Save as /Program Files/lock.bat (change file type to all files)
  • Open group policy editor by searching for gpedit
  • Navigate to Uesr Configuration/Windows Settings/Scripts (Log on/Log off)
  • Double click Logon then click add
  • Brows for the script located at /Program Files/lock.bat and click ok
  • Reboot to test that the computer locks after logon

Windows 10 Saving Spotlight Images

The most aesthetic part of windows 10 is the spotlight images on login screen. Few of them were really too mind blowing that I wanted to save and keep it as a wallpaper! So, here’s the hack on how to do it-

Navigate to the following folder (or just copy the path below and paste it into the File Explorer address bar):


Note that the %userprofile% part of that path automatically jumps you to the user folder for the currently logged in user (by default at C:\Users\<username> ). In the folder, you’re going to see a whole bunch of files with long, meaningless file names and no extensions. Some of these are the image files you’re looking for; many are not.

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