Squid proxy server with user authentication

If you are planning to set up proxy authentication program, using squid+webmin it’s quite simple-

  1. Click “Authentication Program” icon on webmin
  2. Enter the following infos in the right boxes-
    Basic authentication program- /usr/lib/squid/pam_auth

    Number of authentication programs- 5

    Authentication cache time- 5 Hrs

  3. Back to squid index
  4. Click “Access Control” icon
  5. Under “Access Control List” click on “Create new ACL” button while selecting “External Auth”
  6. In the next window- enter ACL name as “AUTHENTICATED” (remember this is case sentative!
  7. Click save
  8. Click return to index
  9. Click “Apply changes”
  10. If needed restart squid if changes doesnt work

Now your user should be getting an, authentication window!

Test it, by creating a linux user and password in the squid server and insert them in the browser panel!


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