How to distribute root certificates as exe files

We start by creating a folder. We call it cer_as_exe and here we put our root certificate that we want to distribute and a small installation script.


 Our installation script is not that big. ;)


@echo off
certutil -addstore -f -enterprise -user root %tmp%\root_ca.cer > NUL
del /F %tmp%\root_ca.cer > NUL
del /F %tmp%\install.bat > NUL

 This is a very small script that installs a root certificate from a file to the root certificate container in the certificate store for the computer and the user. Then it does a quick cleanup by removing the original root certificate file and installation script that is unpacked in to the %tmp% folder by our installer. Now we need to pack everything as an .exe file that will install our root certificate automatically. ;) Continue reading “How to distribute root certificates as exe files” »


PKI Framework for Supporting the Security of Mobile Communication from its Core


1. Business areas into which e-commerce is continually expanding

In the past ten years within the computing world, the term "mobile computing" has become popular. And owing to the improved performance of mobile information terminals such as cell phones, notebook computers, and personal digital assistants (PDAs), the use of such devices has continued to spread into areas that were unthinkable ten years ago.

Taking the example of mobile phones, we can see that their display size has got bigger year on year, and it has now become a matter of course that internet web pages specially prepared for mobile-phone use can be viewed on these bigger displays. What's more, the entire business area of so-called "electronic commerce" (referred to as EC or e-commerce)–including mobile banking and mobile shopping–is continuing to expand.

More specifically, in the case of mobile banking, a mobile phone can be used for various banking services, such as balance enquiries, deposit and withdrawal enquiries, direct deposits, and money transfers. And in the case of mobile commerce, it can be used for such activities as enjoying shopping from "net catalog" schemes and selling one's things through "net auction" services.

Furthermore, to take the example of notebook PCs, it seems that these days internet environments called "hot spots" are appearing on every street corner, and they have created a situation in which users of notebook PCs can freely use the internet with the same sensation whether at home or at the office. Continue reading “PKI Framework for Supporting the Security of Mobile Communication from its Core” »