Alllow SNMP on Openfiler

The first step to allow monitoring of the Openfiler server by SNMP is to edit the SNMP configuration file. In order to edit the configuration file perform the following steps :-

Logon to the Openfiler server through SSH as an administrative user
Navigate to the /etc/snmp folder
Edit the snmpd.conf file and append the following to the bottom of the file :-

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Webmin installation on openfiler


Download the latest Webmin RPM to openfiler from this page: (You want "RPM suitable for Redhat, Fedora, CentOS, SuSE or Mandrake Linux")
Copy the link from the webpage to download the correct RPM file and download it on Openfiler using the following command. If you are downloading a more updated copy of Webmin then replace the "webmin-1.510-1.noarch.rpm" with the correct filename:
wget ""
After it's downloaded in the root users home directory you need to convert the RPM to CPIO format to extract it, do this with the following command. (Once again replacing the "webmin-1.510-1.noarch.rpm" with the correct filename") :

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OpenFiler Installation On Headless NAS

So, you have a Dell 715N nas or similar and wish to install OpenFiler onto it? This nas is headless, it has no USB ports, no CDROM, no floppy. It’s only connection to the outside world is it’s serial port and it’s network interfaces (2).

You may or may not have installed Linux via PXE boot before. You also may or may not have used a serial console. Today we will do both in order to install OpenFiler.

OpenFiler is built using rBuilder, which is rPath’s distro creation tool. This system spits out .iso files (among other formats) that are very similar to (read: based upon) RedHat installation CDs. They use Anaconda as their installer. Thus documentation pertaining to kickstart servers applies here. Follow the steps below to perform the installation.

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Configure NFS shares in Openfiler

In this article I’ll explain how-to configure a NFS share in Openfiler and then add it as a datastore to your vSphere servers. I’ll take for granted that you already have an Openfiler server up and running.

1 – Enable NFS service

As always point your browser to https://<openfiler_address&gt;:446, login and from the main screen go to the Services tab and enable the NFSv3 service as shown below.

Install Openfiler from USB

The problem we have now is our storage server has no optical drive and we do not have any external optical drive available here in office. Alternatively, we can use USB stick drive and make sure our server are able to boot from USB.

Server: DELL PowerEdge R510
OS version: Openfiler 2.99 64bit
USB flash drive: /dev/sdb
RAID 10 virtual disk: /dev/sda

Preparing the Flash Drive
1. Download the ISO from here into your local PC. In my case, I downloaded the x86_64 distribution ISO.

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Openfiler Install NRPE

INSTALL Compiler Dependency

conary update gcc (a C-Compilter to compile the NRPE)
conary update glibc:devel
conary update openssl:devel
conary update xinetd
Add User
useradd nagios
passwd nagios