Alllow SNMP on Openfiler

The first step to allow monitoring of the Openfiler server by SNMP is to edit the SNMP configuration file. In order to edit the configuration file perform the following steps :-

Logon to the Openfiler server through SSH as an administrative user
Navigate to the /etc/snmp folder
Edit the snmpd.conf file and append the following to the bottom of the file :-
rocommunity public
com2sec local localhost {IP address of the monitoring server}
com2sec network_l {Network address allowed to access the server}/24
group MyROGroup_1 v2c local
group MyROGroup_1 v2c network_1
view all-mibs included .1 80
access MyROGroup_1 .. v1 noauth exact all-mibs none none
access MyROGroup_2 .. v2c noauth exact all-mibs none none
Save and exit the file
Restart the SNMP service
Once the snmpd.conf file has been modified restart the SNMP service by executing the command below :-
service snmpd restart
Confirm SNMP access from the monitoring server
You can test if your snmp is working or not from your monitoring system using the snmpwak command:
snmpwalk -v1 -c public <your openfiler server ip>
If you see snmp is generating something on your console- the snmp isntallation is working properly.

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