Install Zimbra on Centos 5 Step by step

Zimbra is a suite of tools for Unix/Linux/MacOS systems, which includes a secure mail server, web mail, anti-spam/anti-virus controls, a Web management interface, integrated calendaring, mobile device sync, and more. In many ways, Zimbra is the Unix equivalent to Microsoft Exchange.
In this post, I will be installing Zimbra onto a CentOS virtual machine. The machine will need at least 1024mb of memory to run the default Zimbra services. I was unable to make it run without errors with any less memory.

Things to do after a clean installation of Centos 5.5:

  • Disable SELinux and
  • Disable Linux Firewall

The last step is to shutoff some services that will interfere with ZCS.

chkconfig sendmail off
chkconfig ip6tables off
chkconfig iptables off

We need one package before we can continue:

yum install libtool-ltdl

This completes the base installation of CentOS. On the next page we will setup Split DNS which is essential for ZCS. Go ahead and reboot, and fill up that coffee cup. Continue reading “Install Zimbra on Centos 5 Step by step” »


Step by Step Zimbra 6.x installation on CetOS 5.x

First you need to install a fresh CentOS operating system, keeping almost everything as default state. In this installation note I'm assuming few things-

  • There is either a LARGE '/' partion or a LARGE '/opt' partition. Zimbra by  default is installed on /opt directory
  • I'm also assuming that the server is not sitting beehind a firewall (for example if it's reched by port/ip forwarding from firewall, it won't work). But there are some  additional tasks that can allow you to run it behind a firewall. But unfortunately, I won't cover that up here.
  • SELinux and Linux firewall, should be disabled for the time being.
  • You can install webmin, and from there you can create your custom firewall policy/rule- but you can always do this later, after post installation of Zimbra

Now let's start.

Now we need to shutoff some services that will interfere with ZCS. Continue reading “Step by Step Zimbra 6.x installation on CetOS 5.x” »