Apache GuaCamole on Ubuntu 18

Install the following repository and packages-

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:remmina-ppa-team/remmina-next
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install freerdp2-dev freerdp2-x11

Download file directly from here:

wget https://git.io/fxZq5 -O guac-install.sh

Make it executable:

chmod +x guac-install.sh

Run it as root:

Interactive (asks for passwords):


Non-Interactive (values provided via cli):

./guac-install.sh --mysqlpwd password --guacpwd password --nomfa --installmysql


./guac-install.sh -r password -gp password -o -i

Once installation is done you can access Guacamole by browsing to: http://<host_or_ip>:8080/guacamole/ The default credentials are guacadmin as both username and password. Please change them or disable guacadmin after install!

By default the script will not install MFA support (QR code for Google/Microsoft Authenticator, Duo Mobile, etc. or Duo Push), if you do want MFA support you can use the -t or –totp or for Duo -d or –duo flags on the command line. Or modify the script variables installTOTP=true or installDuo=true. Do not install both!

Script for upgrading currently installed Guacamole instance (previously installed via this script/guide). This will also now update the TOTP or Duo extensions if used.

A nice how to use it in action is right over here-



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