Business Server- How should it be

So, what would be a business on premise server look like…? Tried to build a feature based composition, but I guess need more upgradations-

  • Server operating system- Ubuntu 12.04 LTS
  • Network Firewall- ufw *
  • DNS server- Dnsmasq
  • DHCP server- ISC DHCP
  • Internet sharing with proxy and cache control, including reporting and user access control- Squid | Sarg
  • Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam ClamAV | AMaViS | SpamAssassin
  • Groupware Email, Contacts, Calendar, Webmail, with native Microsoft Outlook compatibility and mobile device support- SOGo *
  • Instant Messaging, VOIP and Video Chat server- Openfire | Spark *
  • Shared Printers and Files- Samba
  • Webserver Apache *
  • FTP server- ProFTP *
  • Database server- MySQL *
  • VPN- LogMeIn Hamachi  | Haguichi *
  • Virtualization support- Oracle VM VirtualBox *
  • Network Backup- RAID1 NAS *
  • Cloud Backup- Ubuntu One *
  • Remote Desktop Administration- x11vnc *
  • Remote Web Administration- Webmin
  • System Monitoring- Automatic Security Updates

All suggestions are welcome 🙂


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