Installing on Fedora-5 distro

Using “yum install GD” or “yum install perl-GD” or any other didn’t help me installing GD perl module. However, an exceptional tricky yum did give me a success. So, let me put it here before I forget to do it in the future!

yum -y install perl-GD


Reset Forgotten MySQL Root Password

Have you ever forgotten the root password on one of your MySQL servers? No? Well maybe I’m not as perfect as you. This is a quick h00tow (how to) reset your MySQL root password. It does require root access on your server. If you have forgotten that password wait for another article. Original article posted on reset mysql root password.

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Figthing with FTP Access (Proftpd)

I came this morning to my office desk, tried to put something into my newly set up blog. God knows, why teh hell did i try to make a small change in my Blog URI settings!

Anyway, I tried to create some different URI path with Blog- by Date and Month wise. Which I did and WP generated a .htaccess parameters!

Then came the fucking real problem, i opened my WS_FTP browser, and tried to connect my account on my newly set-up virtualmin server. “LOGIN INCORRECT”- I just got tired on seeing this error over and over, but couldn’t find any good reason why is that doing so!

Checked Vortualmin “refresh cofiguration” button and came up suddenly this stupid error-

Shell /bin/false for FTP users is not included in /etc/shells, which may prevent FTP access

I googled this for a while and concluded to a forum link- (Quite helpful).

But anyway, it didn’t help me other than replacing my- /etc/shells file looking like this-

# /etc/shells: valid login shells

Did modify the Proftpd config file with the smallest value-

# Set the user and group that the server normally runs at.

User    root
Group    root

It was previously like User and Group with “nobody”

Went back to Webmin > system > users & Groups section, noticed users shell as /bin/false, tried to changed the required User shell to /bin/sh

All went in vein

Using Putty, tried to login to the shell- WALLA! There’s the answer I just found!!! The desired account’s password was expired that’s why the shell denied to give any access. This is something which I tried 2 days back to check Virtualmin’s account expiery test!

Goddamn it! that worked!

Anyway, learned a small lesson on the Proftpd and the /etc/shell file too!