Insall cache only powerdns server

I decided to install another caching dns server , after some research I found PowerDNS. it uses MySQL for storing its zones , but hopefully its caching component doesnt need mysql , so great , lets go and install it.
My favourite OS is debian lenny , so I ran the following command :

1 apt-get install pdns-recursor

WOW , it was very simple ! it is already working on localhost , but I needed it to listen on all IPs on my box and accept queries from everyone :D I wanted to serve public :p so I went to /etc/powerdns and opened “recursor.conf” file and made the following changes :

1 allow-from=
2 local-address=

and restarted the service by :

1 /etc/init.d/pdns-recursor restart

it’s done :D now it is working as a public caching name server.


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