OCI Architecture Diagram Toolkits

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Architecture Diagram Toolkit in three formats:

Use these assets to draw custom architecture diagrams for your OCI implementation. Each of these formats contains OCI service icons and templates where possible. Examples and guidance on how to create diagrams for your specific cloud deployment are in the PowerPoint file.

In addition, we have the following assets for you.


Enabling Ping requests to OCI Instance

If you want to test with Ping requests you’ll need to modify the Ingress rules on the security list associated with the VCN, Subnet, network device, thing, what ever, to allow ICMP packets. Allowing ICMP traffic is not required, it’s an option. Please only take this option if you understand the possible impact. The following directions cover enabling ICMP requests for a subnet. Continue reading “Enabling Ping requests to OCI Instance” »