Copy an Instance from 1 region to another (Or Between tenancies)

Method 1 — Create Custom Image and Export to Object Storage

Go to your Existing VM and Press Create custom Image:

After the Image is created, you need to export it to Object Storage bucket:

Now you have 2 Options :

Export it to a bucket in the same region and import it in the other region

Export it to a bucket in the other region directly by using Export to an Object Storage URL and point to a PAR from the Other Region/Tenancy and make sure the Object Write is selected. Also you can use Read and Write Access Type:

Copy the PAR and go to First Region and put it in the Export Image Field. The PAR format is this. In the Field you need to add at the end the name of the exported image(I have added SecurityOnion at the end):

After the export is finished, the new OCI Image will appear in the other region.

Go to Compute →Custom Images →Import Images and select the Import From an Object Storage URL and select the Bucket where we exported the Image. As I already imported the SecurityOnion image, I have used another exported Image. When we create the custom Image, we need to specify the OS. If we exported the Image in the initial region object storage, we can select Import from Object Storage URL and put here the PAR. For local bucket, the Image Object name is populated automatically.

After the Image is imported, you can create the image using the Custom Image.

Method 2 — Create a backup and copy it to the other region

This method requires more steps, as you need to create a backup from the boot volume, and it’s related only to migration between same tenancy regions:

Go to the Instance you want to migrate → Select Boot Volume →Click The boot volume Name:

Create a Boot Volume Backup:

Create a full backup:

After Backup is finished click the 3 points in the right part of the backup:

Select Copy to Another Region:

Select the Destination Region and wait for the replication:

In Asburn the Backup is in Creating State:

After Backup is finished, press Restore Boot Volume and Create a new Image from it.

Method 3 — Cross Region Replication

This method is usually used for Disaster Recovery Scenario, because the Region where you can replicate the Boot/Block Volume has a very good latency with the source one:

Click on the Boot Volume →Edit → Go down and select On on Cross Region Replication:

I hope you enjoyed this methods.



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