Centos disk XFS xfs_repair

  1. During bootup, when the GRUB2 menu shows up, press the e key for edit
  2. Add the following parameter at the end of the linux16 line, after quiet:
    quiet systemd.unit=emergency.target
  3. Press Ctrl+x to boot the system with the parameter.
  4. first find your device UUID in /dev/disk/by-uuid
  5. umount
    umount /dev/disk/by-uuid/198s5364-a29c-429e-b16d-e772acd
  6. repair
    xfs_repair /dev/disk/by-uuid/198s5364-a29c-429e-b16d-e772acd


sometimes you have to force it by deleting the log file

xfs_repair -L /dev/disk/by-uuid/198s5364-a29c-429e-b16d-e772acd

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