Creating A Linux Firewall using webmin

Here is what I need to do- 

  1. I want to block ping on eth0- my external link
  2. I want to open everything else on eth1- internal link
  3. Let’s assume eth0- has public IP and eth1 has private IP
  4. I want to allow SSH, auth, httpd and certain protocols to eth0. Other than these- all communications are blocked by internet traffic. The screenshot below gives a perfect look-
So, using webmin- it’s quite easy and simple!
  1. Click Networking > Linux Firewall
  2. If there’s any existing firewall rule present- click “Rest Firewall”
  3. Select “Block all except SSH, IDENT, ping and high ports on interface:”- choose the public interface which is eth0 in my case
  4. Then click setup firewall. 
  5. Your firewall is ready.
  6. Below few screenshots will tell how each window looks like 🙂




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