DNS Forwarder and Transfer using Bind and Webmin

To point your BIND based DNS server to use OpenDNS resolvers for external resolution you need to modify the named.conf.options and add the OpenDNS resolvers as forwarders. This can be done in two ways:

via the command line, Shell\SSH
via a GUI if you have Webmin installed on your BIND server

Shell\SSH Instructions

Attach directly to your server or ssh to it. From there, go into /etc/bind/.  This is the default location so you may need to change this based on your configuration.

From there you will need to edit named.conf.options with your favorite text editor.

Once you’ve opened named.conf.options, look for a line that starts with forwarders {

If there are already forwarders configured then you just need to change the current resolvers to use OpenDNS’ anycast IP addresses. If the line isn’t there then you can add it right above the last }; 

forwarders {;;

For Google DNS, you may use the following:

forwarders {;;

Save the file, then use the instructions at the bottom of this article to test your change.

Webmin Instructions

This will do the exact same as the above except you can do it via the Webmin GUI and it will modify named.conf.options for you

Once logged into Webmin go to:

Server –> BIND DNS Server

Click on Forwarders and Transfers

Add the OpenDNS resolvers and or you may use Google DNS resolvers and under the Servers to forward queries to

Src: https://support.opendns.com/hc/en-us/articles/228008927-BIND-based-DNS-server-Configure-BIND-to-use-OpenDNS-via-the-shell-and-webmin


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