Enable IPTables on Rocky Linux 8

Disabling firewalld

You can’t really run the old iptables utilities alongside firewalld. They’re just not compatible. The best way to get around this is to disable firewalld entirely (no need to uninstall it unless you want to) , and reinstall the iptables utilities. Disabling firewalld can be done using these commands:

Stop firewalld:

systemctl stop firewalld

Disable firewalld so it won’t start on boot:

systemctl disable firewalld

Mask the service so that it can’t be found:

systemctl mask firewalld

Installing And Enabling iptables Services

Next, we need to install the old iptables services and utilities. This is done with the following:

dnf install iptables-services iptables-utils

This will install everything that is needed to run a straight iptables rule set. Now we need to enable the iptables service to make sure that it starts on boot:

systemctl enable iptables

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