Endian IP Blocking Firewall Rule

You can make a general IP ban list. You need to go to Port forwarding / Destination NAT

  • Create a new rule
  • Click on the advanced mode
  • Incoming IP: Type: Zone/VPN/Upllink. Select Uplink main – IP:All known.
  • Incoming service port, Service: Any, Port: Any.
  • In the Translate To section set Type: IP, Insert IP: leave blank, NAT: NAT
  • Access From Section.
  • Source Type: Network/IP/Range
  • Filter Policy: Drop
  • In the Network UP’s box, enter a single IPor IP CIDR. eg or
  • Check the enabled box. In the comment section type Blocked Incoming IP’s
  • Make the position first.

It is important the rule is the first one, else the precending rules will overide the block. If you a list of country and/or IP CIR go to www countryipblocks net


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