Endian Router Blocking IP on Public Interface

You can make a general IP ban list. You need to go to Port forwarding / Destination NAT

  1. Create a new rule
  2. Click on the advanced mode
  3. Incoming IP: Type: Zone/VPN/Upllink. Select Uplink main – IP:All known.
  4. Incoming service port, Service: Any, Port: Any.
  5. In the Translate To section set Type: IP, Insert IP: leave blank, NAT: NAT

Access From Section.
Source Type: Network/IP/Range
Filter Policy: Drop
In the Network UP’s box, enter a single IPor IP CIDR. eg or

Check the enabled box. In the comment section type Blocked Incoming IP’s

Make the position first.
It is important the rule is the first one, else the precending rules will overide the block.

If you a list of country and/or IP CIR go to www countryipblocks net


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