Before I forget things that goes out of my mind as well 🙁

MIMIC the concept?

It’s not such a bad practice to mimic ideas like- CISWorld is doing. I came up to this site while digging “Application Service Provider” by (which is basically a concern of AKTel’s AK Khan group- I saw their presence few years back in a computer software fair in Dhaka.

Anyway, probably they got some connectivity with the Srilanka based company (guess they’re an ISP???) That’s what should be the operation of an ISP… Nobody ever did look at this point.

Well, let me bookmark the links before I forget things, I really liked the idea of the followings-

  • Srilanka Expatriates  ( )
  • Apartment Leads ( )
  • e-Ticketing ( )

I guess I have to dig deep into this before things went bad !!!!



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