Installer for jitsi-meet, jigasi and jibri

Found this lovely code base (that actually worked) on github, supported on a debian 10/11 or ubuntu 20+ versions-

The script ( can be used to install stable version of all 3 on a stand-alone server. This is simply a script version of quick-install document at

It Installs below mentioned software:

nginx, prosody, jitsi-meet-prosody, jitsi-meet, jitsi-meet-web, jitsi-meet-web-config, jitsi-meet-turnserver, jicofo, jitsi-videobridge2

Below are optional, will be installed only if opted for:

jigasi (
jibri (

Also has option for configuring:

  • secure domain (
  • jigasi authentication (find it towards the end of secure domain link)
  • transcription(Google/Vosk) (
  • Etherpad (

Supported Platforms

  • Ubuntu-18/20
  • Debian-9/10


Run it either as root user or a user with sudo privileges (keep both and jitsi_config_file in the same directory while executing, customize the value of jitsi_config_file as per your requirement) and Run without any arguments



check_prerequisites Check if all prerequisites are met, like mandatory configuration options
show_installed_versions Display versions of all jitsi software(s)
install Will install all jitsi components listed below:
nginx, jitsi-meet, prosody, jicofo, jitsi-videobridge, jigasi, jibri
uninstall Will stop services & uninstall all jitsi components listed below:
nginx, jitsi-meet, prosody, jicofo, jitsi-videobridge, jigasi, jibri
help Display help/usage
export_config_file_template Dump configuration file template to current directory
show_status_of_services Displays status(running or not) of all jitsi software(s)
Quit Quit setup
Mandatory configuration options

export BEHIND_NAT=yes/no ("no" if the server has a public IP on one of it's interfaces, else "yes")
export SERVER_FQDN="server's FQDN" (This will be used to access the web conferences)

export PUBLIC_IP="public ip of server" (mandatory only if BEHIND_NAT is "yes")
export PRIVATE_IP="private ip of server" (mandatory only if BEHIND_NAT is "yes")

Other optional variables

export HOST_NAME=HOSTNAME_OF_SERVER (Default: Result of command 'hostname')
export JIGASI_TRANSCRIPTS_DIR=/directory/to/store/transcripts (Default: "/etc/jitsi/transcripts") 
export JIBRI_RECORDINGS_DIR=/directory/to/store/transcripts (Deafault: "/etc/jitsi/recordings")
export GOOGLE_APPLICATION_CREDENTIALS="/path/to/google/credentials/file

For more options, dump the config file template using “export_config_file_template” option and check. You may either export variables from terminal or uncomment those lines in the config file, however it’s better or recommended to update the config file before executing.

If the config file(jitsi_config_file) is present in the same directory as the installer, options specified in config file will take precedence

The Git Link is-

Git repo can be downloaded from here- jitsi-master


1 thought on “Installer for jitsi-meet, jigasi and jibri”

  1. Hi,
    Jitsi script halts at JaaS Integration?
    #You can easily add dial-in support to your meetings. To allow this we would need your permission to create a free JaaS (Jitsi as a Service) account for you
    #Add telephony to your Jitsi meetings?

    How can we use debconf to override answer as No?
    Please advise.
    Great blog


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