Mount NFS Partition from WIndows 2008 Server

On server 2008, go to the Server manager, and Add/Remove Programs.


For my example, i already have file services installed on this server, if it’s not, install it as a role, and add this feature, “services for NFS”


Install the role

From there it’s time to open up a command line and  type the following:

mount ip-of-nfs-server:/NFS-Share W:


mount command, nfs server info, and the Local Drive Letter, it should look like so:

From there you should get a successful confirmation, check your computer to see if it mounted

There you go!


If you receive an error with “53” then it is probably, the mouth path is not correct. In order to find out the NFS correct mount path, you can execute the following command-

showmount -e <Yout NFS Server IP>

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