Nagios JBoss Plugin

Perl script to check thread and memory usage of a Jboss server.

I didn't like the Jboss checks that I've found which require Java or remote-run, so I wrote this. It's a simple check that looks at memory usage and busy threads. I did this with percentage thresholds to make it dynamic.

Usage: [-H ] [-P ] [-t ]
] [-a ]
-H The host to connect to (default: localhost)
-P The port to connect to (default: 8080)
-a The AJP ports to check for (default: 8009)
The HTTP ports to check for (default: 8080,8443)
-t The percentage of threads busy for warning
(default: 80,50)
The percentage of memory used for warning
(default: 80,50)

Example: -H -P 8080 -t 90,75 -m 75,50 -a 8009 -h
This will check the host "" on port "8080" and
issue a warning at 75% thread busy or a critical alert at 90% thread
usage, or a warning at 50% or critical at 75% JVM memory usage checking.
for AJP port 8009 and HTTP ports 8080 and 8443.

Download the plugin from HERE