OpenVPN installer on CentOS 7

Server Requirement: Centos 7 x86_64


$ cd /tmp/ && yum install git -y && git clone && cd OpenVPN-AS-Unlimited/ && sed -i -e 's/\r$//' && chmod 755 && ./

Once installed go to-

login: openvpn
pass: <your_password_during_installation>

After first login, “Agree” to the terms.

Now go to Authentiction > General > Turn on PAM

Now got back to server shell terminal and create a user-

adduser user
passwd user

On Web Admin go

  • User Management > User Permissions
  • Under username text box place “user”
  • Tick on “Allow Auto Login”
  • Save Settings > Update Running Server

Now open a new window (preferably incognito mode) and hit address bar with-


Login and Download the OpenVPN preconfig installer and start using it.

Download the Repository



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