PowerDNS Cache dump in CSV

The objective is simple, a periodic cron cache dump of powerdns recursor on a setup.

1. create a shell code as below using nano-

#nano /usr/local/bin/pdns-cache-dump.sh

DAY=`/bin/date +%Y%m%d`
TFILE="/var/log/pdns-cache/$(basename $0).$DAY.csv"
rec_control dump-cache $TFILE
echo "cache dump completed, dump script by rumi (hasan.emdad@mango.com.bd)"

#chmod 0777 /usr/local/bin/pdns-cache-dump.sh

2. create directory to store the dump files

#mkdir /var/log/pdns-cache

#chown -R pdns-recursor /var/log/pdns-cache

3. Add it to CRON (you can use webmin for this)

Go to Webmin's System > Schedule CRON Jobs > Create a new scheduled CRON job and add-

Execute CRON as- root

Active- Yes

Command- /usr/local/bin/pdns-cache-dump.sh

When to execute- Simple Schedule (Daily at midnight)

Leave other parts as default


It's done 🙂


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