Step by step procedure for installing Sarg Log Analyzer

Installation of the sarg log analyzer:

1) Download the packeg to “/usr/local/src” directory
cd /usr/local/src
wget -nd

2) Untar the packeg by following command
tar -xvzf sarg-

3) Compile the sarg package
cd sarg-
make install

4) Edit configuration file as shown bellow
vi /usr/local/sarg/sarg.conf

# TAG: access_log file
# Where is the access.log file
# sarg -l file
access_log /opt/safesquid/safesquid/logs/access/access.log

# TAG: title
# Especify the title for html page.
#title “Squid User Access Reports”
title “Safesquid User Access Reports”

# TAG: output_dir
# The reports will be saved in that directory
# sarg -o dir
output_dir /var/www/html/sarg

5) Make output directory for sarg report
mkdir /var/www/html/sarg
All report are genrated in this directory

6) To Generate the logreport, simply run the command

7) To generate the log report by the cron job you can make entry in “/etc/crontab” file
00 23 * * * root /usr/bin/sarg

It will generate the log report every day at 11.00 P.M

8) You can also see all command line switches by following command
sarg -h

9) Example To genrate report by manually :->

# If you want log report of the 10/11/2007 date you can give the command
sarg -d 10/11/2007 (dd/mm/yyyy)

# If you want log report from 10/11/2007 to 10/12/2007 then run this command
sarg -d 10/11/2007-10/12/2007 (dd/mm/yyyy-dd/mm/yyyy)

10) To view the log report generated by sarg start httpd serverice

/etc/init.d/httpd start

And browes url “http://ip_of_linux box/sarg” eg.


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