Use Putty as SOCKS proxy

I’ll need 2 programs to achieve this, assuming you already have access to a Linux box and you can connect using putty client. Need S/w packages are-

  1. Putty and
  2. SeaMonkey Browser

Follow the following steps-

  • Run Putty
  • Goto SSH > Tunnels and configure as required
    • Turn Tick ON- Local port accept connects from other hosts
    • Turn Tick ON- Remote ports do the same (SSH-2 only)
    • Type “8443” (I’ll using port 8443 to create tunnel) into “Source Port” and click “Add”. Upon hitting “Add” button the mid text box is shown as “D8443”
  • Key point here is to use “DYNAMIC” for destination section
  • Now connect to the SSH Server

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