Use Putty as SOCKS proxy

I’ll need 2 programs to achieve this, assuming you already have access to a Linux box and you can connect using putty client. Need S/w packages are-

  1. Putty and
  2. SeaMonkey Browser

Follow the following steps-

  • Run Putty
  • Goto SSH > Tunnels and configure as required
    • Turn Tick ON- Local port accept connects from other hosts
    • Turn Tick ON- Remote ports do the same (SSH-2 only)
    • Type “8443” (I’ll using port 8443 to create tunnel) into “Source Port” and click “Add”. Upon hitting “Add” button the mid text box is shown as “D8443”
  • Key point here is to use “DYNAMIC” for destination section
  • Now connect to the SSH Server

Now it’s time to fire-up your Mozilla Seamonkey browser and open “Edit > Preference” section as below-

From the new window move to “Proxies” under “Category” and select “Manual Proxy Configuration” and hit “Advanced”

In the new windows dialogue insert “Socks Proxy: localhost and Port: 8443”. Select “SOCK 5”. Click OK and return to browser window.

In the browser address bar type and voila! you’ll see your linux box IP telling you that you are now browsing through the SSH tunnel a.k.a SOCK Proxy.

There’s a good youtube tutorial where it is explained quite better-




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