Reset Vesta CP (vestacp) admin password

Method 1

  1. Login to your server via SSH.
  2. Enter the below command to change the password.
  3. $ v-change-user-password admin newpassword
  4. Replace the newpassword field with the new password you want to set.

Method 2

  1. Login to your server via SSH.
  2. Enter command following command.
  3. $ passwd admin
  4. Enter new UNIX password:
  5. Retype new UNIX password:
  6. passwd: password updated successfully.

Migrate hosting sites from one VestaCP to another VestaCP

Lately, I was trying to migrate vesta hosted sites from one server to another. This trick might help to those who-

  • Either tried to update IP (after tried with so many vesta forum links!) and failed or
  • Have installed on a physical computer and need to move out sites on newer setups!

Make user backup on the old server. In this example we will use admin as the reference.

v-backup-user admin

Copy tarball to the new server and place it in the /home/backup directory Continue reading “Migrate hosting sites from one VestaCP to another VestaCP” »


Outlook settings for vestacp

Properly set up a Mail Client in Vesta Control Panel

  • You can use Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Outlook or Outlook Express
  • Use full e-mail address as username
  • IMAP and SMTP STARTTLS with normal passwords

Example Settings:

password: aXly8Kbiqo

IMAP hostname:
IMAP port: 143
IMAP auth method: Normal password
SMTP hostname:
SMTP port: 587
SMTP auth method: Normal password

Congratulations, you now have all set up!