Migrate hosting sites from one VestaCP to another VestaCP

Lately, I was trying to migrate vesta hosted sites from one server to another. This trick might help to those who-

  • Either tried to update IP (after tried with so many vesta forum links!) and failed or
  • Have installed on a physical computer and need to move out sites on newer setups!

Make user backup on the old server. In this example we will use admin as the reference.

v-backup-user admin

Copy tarball to the new server and place it in the /home/backup directory

scp /home/backup/admin.2014-01-14.tar new-server:/home/backup/

Restore backup on the new server

/usr/local/vesta/bin/v-restore-user admin admin.2014-01-14.tar

If you want to restore data under another user name, simply rename archive. If user name doesn’t exist on the server, account will be created automatically.

mv /home/backup/admin.2014-01-14.tar /home/backup/newuser.2014-01-14.tar
/usr/local/vesta/bin/v-restore-user newuser newuser.2014-01-14.tar

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