TeamViewer for Headless Linux Unattended System Access

Googled for hours, couldn’t found a solid documentation on this. After many different stitching material- prepared a little moderate installation (at least it worked for me). My Linux OS is Debian 8.x- believe should work in other debian version and Ubuntu as well. But, before continuing this, make sure-

  1. You have a teamviewer account
  2. The workstation (assuming a windows client pc) has a teamviewer client program installed to access the headless remote linux system.

So here goes it-

  •  Download and install the teamviewer installation package from here-
  • Install by “dpkg -i teamviewer_i386.deb”
  • Reboot the system
  • as root apply the command “/usr/bin/teamviewer –info”. You’ll get something “TeamViewer ID: 9XXXXXXX7 <– Your ID number” in return. If nothing found, no need to worry- continue to the next steps.
  • Then open a terminal in order to modify the file needed to initiate TeamViewer on startup.
    Assuming you use vi as your text editor:
    nano /etc/rc.local
    By default this document does nothing, we will add a line of code above the last line that says:
    exit 0
    In this instance I am using TeamViewer 11 so my line will look like this:
    /opt/teamviewer/tv_bin/script/teamviewer &
  • Save and exit
  • Reboot the system
  • Now use this command as root- “/usr/bin/teamviewer setup”
  • You’ll be asked with your teamviewer account ID (email) and account password. deliver them. It’ll be added
  • Now login to with your account- you’ll find the newly linux account added.
  • Done!

Some useful links that were helpful while working it around-

Launching Teamviewer remotely through SSH


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