How to see time stamps in bash history?

Is there any way I can see at what time the commands were executed from the bash history? We can see the order but is there any way I can get the time also?

Bottom-Line: Execution time in the Bash history:

HISTTIMEFORMAT="%d/%m/%y %T " # for e.g. “29/02/99 23:59:59”
HISTTIMEFORMAT="%F %T " # for e.g. “1999-02-29 23:59:59”

To make the change permanent for the current user run:

echo 'HISTTIMEFORMAT="%d/%m/%y %T "' >> ~/.bashrc # or respectively
echo 'HISTTIMEFORMAT="%F %T "' >> ~/.bashrc
source ~/.bashrc

To test the effects run:


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