User management in Nebula

Adding and Deleting Users

User accounts within the OpenNebula system are managed by oneadmin with the oneuser create and oneuser delete commands. This section will show you how to create the different account types supported in OpenNebula


Administrators can be easily added to the system like this:

$ oneuser create otheradmin password
ID: 2
$ oneuser chgrp otheradmin oneadmin

$ oneuser list
 0 oneadmin oneadmin core 5baa61e4c9b93f3f0682250b6cf8331b7ee68fd8
 1 oneadmin serveradmin server_c 1224ff12545a2e5dfeda4eddacdc682d719c26d5
 2 oneadmin otheradmin core 5baa61e4c9b93f3f0682250b6cf8331b7ee68fd8
$ oneuser show otheradmin
ID : 2
NAME : otheradmin
PASSWORD : 5baa61e4c9b93f3f0682250b6cf8331b7ee68fd8


Regular Users

Simply create the usets with the create command:

$ oneuser create regularuser password
ID: 3

The enabled flag can be ignored as it doesn’t provide any functionality. It may be used in future releases to temporarily disable users instead of deleting them.

Public Users

Public users needs to define a special authentication method that internally relies in the core auth method. First create the public user as it was a regular one:

$ oneuser create publicuser password
ID: 4

and then change its auth method (see below for more info) to the public authentication method.

$ oneuser chauth publicuser public

Server Users

Server user accounts are used mainly as proxy authentication accounts for OpenNebula services. Any account that uses the server_cipher or server_x509 auth methods are a server user. You will never use this account directly. To create a user account just create a regular account

$ oneuser create serveruser password
ID: 5

and then change its auth method to server_cipher (for other auth methods please refer to the :ref:`Authentication guide <external_auth>`):

$ oneuser chauth serveruser server_cipher



2 thoughts on “User management in Nebula

  1. Q1 With OpenNebula and vCenter, identical admin credentials must be created in all ESX hosts, in vCenter and in OpenNebula. Can this password be changed easily if one of our administrators quits his his job ?
    Q2 We prefer using personal administrator accounts with personal passwords. How can we continue doing so with OpenNebula ?
    Q3 Can we expose a Sunstone Cloud View web portal for customers to the public internet, without allowing admin users to log on to this portal ?

    • Hi, I’m trying to ans-
      Q1- Yes possible with a process defined by your organization
      Q2- Not sure what you mean by personal password or personal administrator. However, every individual VM account user can enjoy logging to shell by using public key exchange through SSH
      Q3- Yes, of course you can expose Sunstone web portal to customer for their own account logging and managing own VMs- that’s how it is designed 🙂

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