Windows 7 theme on Ubuntu 10.04


This wiki page helps you to setup Ubuntu to look like the Microsoft Windows 7 operating system.

This is a quick hack of the original theme at:

This theme is for those who want to use a fast, secure operating system but do not want to learn a new user interface.

You can view information about installing Microsoft Office by clicking here.


If the graphics card cannot do 3D effects then use one of the following for the window border theme. View theme installation instructions by clicking here.



  1. You use the following script at your own risk!
  2. This script will change the look and feel of your Ubuntu desktop. There is no stable uninstall yet
  3. The Gnomenu program will produce load error messages, just accept the "Yes" or "Ok" and "reload" options.
  4. You may have errors with the "start" menu. To fix them, right click on the start button and select "Properties".




Type CTL+ALT+t on the keyboard. A terminal will open. Move it to a handy corner of your screen.

Using the copy and paste method explained in the multimedia tutorial, execute the following one-by-one in the order presented, in the opened terminal.


cd $HOME
sudo wget
sudo chmod 0755  $HOME/
sudo $HOME/

After the script is finished, a shortcut appears on your desktop. Double click on it and follow the instructions. Thats it !


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