Cacti user creation with specific graphs permission

As an admin of cacti you can anything and everything. However, at certain times, you need to create restricted user who has access to only certain graphs of the cacti system. So here goes the steps (this is based on cacti version 1.2.21)-

From left menu select Configuration > Users

Fill up essential fields-

  • User name
  • Full Name
  • Email Address
  • Password
  • Enabled- Turn it on
  • Account options-
    • Change password- Turn it on
    • Maintain custom graph and user settings- Turn it on
    • User has rights to tree view- Turn it on
    • User has rights to list view- Turn it on
    • User has rights to preview view- Turn it on
  • Login options
    • Show the default graph screen- Turn it on

Now got to “Permissions” top tab menu section and enable the following-

  • Graphs
  • Realtime Graphs
  • Show graphs aciton icons


Next move on to “Graph perms” top tab menu and make sure-  

  • Default graph policy for this user- Deny
  • Make sure all the graphs under effective policy column shows “Restricted”
  • Now select only the graph/s for the user only to view, at the bottom drop down item- choose and action- select “Grant Access” and click “Go”

Now on top menu tabl “Device perms”, “Tempalte perms”, “Tree Perms” are marked as “Deny”

Under “User Settings” top menu tab, select the following items-

  • Show graph title- Turn it on
  • Default view mode- Preview mode

Click save

Now exit as admin user and login as the new user created. A sample view of user graph is exhibited below-



One thought on “Cacti user creation with specific graphs permission

  1. Hello there, is it possible to hide certain ‘Graph Action Icons’? for example; I just wan to give the normal user to only have the “Time Graph View” and “CVS data Export” only.

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