imapsync Host2: says it has CAPABILITY for AUTHENTICATE LOGIN

Imapsync issues with passwords on Unix.

Q. On Unix, some passwords contain some weird *()$,”;&~ characters. Login fails.

R1. Enclose the password within single-quotes in the imapsync command line:

imapsync ... --password1 'passw*()`"$,;&rd~'

R2. Change the password to keep only f…ing normal character. Make it long and random if strong security is your concern.

R3. If R1 fails, with very old imapsync or old Mail::IMAPClient Perl module, try also using double-quotes within single-quotes. It will enclose the password within double-quotes in the imap LOGIN command:

imapsync ... --password1 '"passw*()`$,;&rd~"'

Old Mail::IMAPClient 3.37 is a bad horse having this issue solved by this double-quotes trick. fixed in 3.38 version 3.38: Tue Feb 9 02:48:21 UTC 2016
– failure to quote password values (regression introduced in 3.36 via fix for



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