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While Gmail does not offer up a contact path to discuss deliverability issues directly with a Google representative, there is a way for clients to reach out to Google to ask them to reconsider spam folder delivery.


  • Go to the Bulk Sender Contact Form and follow these steps:Fill out the form with your contact info and select the checkbox for “Your messages are incorrectly classified as Spam or Phishing.”
  • Click the “next” button.
  • Fill out the Issue Summary and Issue Description fields.
  • Paste a full email message, with full headers, into the next field as directed. The email message must be one that was sent to a Gmail or Google Apps account. It must not be older than a few days old. It must include full email headers.

Note: To retrieve the full message source from a Gmail message, select “View Original” when viewing the message in Gmail, and a new window will open, and the new window will contain the full email source, with full headers. You can also “Download Message” to an “eml” file on your computer, then open that eml file in a text editor and copy and paste the contents into the form field.

After the form is submitted to Google, the below happens:

  • Google will typically not email in response. They will, however, review the submission. Review may take up to 15 days.
  • If, upon review, they agree that these messages should not be delivered to the spam folder, they will make an adjustment to their spam filter setting to help improve the ability to deliver mail to the inbox. As noted, it may take up to 15 days to see this improvement, if they choose to implement any improvements.
  • Google will make improvements in some cases, but not all. Unfortunately, they do not provide details regarding which issues qualify and which do not. If you’re a good sender, following all the best practices, there is a good chance that they will review and make improvements to help reach the Gmail inbox more easily.



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