Get rid of esm-apps while ubuntu updates

If you ever encounter similar issue like below-

Get more security updates through Ubuntu Pro with 'esm-apps' enabled:
libavformat58 libavfilter7 ffmpeg mc sntp libswresample3 lynx-common libzmq5
fail2ban mc-data redis lynx libpostproc55 ntp ntpdate libgsasl7 redis-tools
cpanminus libavcodec58 libavutil56 libavdevice58 libswscale5 libsdl2-2.0-0
libmysofa1 redis-server libavresample4

And don’t like to be financially trapped into Ubuntu long term commercials, do this (Kidding, it’s actually good to keep the esm as it’s worth for expanded security)-run command to navigate to that directory:

cd /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/

Then, create a backup folder to store the config file as backup. So, you can restore the change at any time by moving the file back.

sudo mkdir -p /root/apt/backup

Finally, moving the config file to backup folder you just created:

sudo mv 20apt-esm-hook.conf /root/apt/backup/

To apply change, also run-

sudo apt update

To restore, run command to move the file back:

sudo mv /etc/apt/backup/20apt-esm-hook.conf /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/ && sudo apt update

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