Fixing Rainloop Can’t get message list error

For large mailbox when you have some mailbox having more than 100k mails in inbox, for those account you are getting error “Can’t get message list”. Here I got my fix, however can’t guarantee it works for you as well. My Rainloop version is 1.11.3.

Following settings might help to fix this issue-

Open application.ini-

nano /home/purple/web/

In your case:

Turns off deleted message filter:

imap_message_list_hide_deleted_messages = Off

Set the number of messages in the folder that activates additional optimizations (such as disabled threads and message list sort):

imap_message_list_count_limit_trigger = 10000

Show messages over the last 12 months only.

imap_message_list_date_filter = 12

CRYPTBOT Secure web-Mail

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Tweaking Afterlogic Webmail Pro 6

Removed the default footer texts and added up usermin module like this 😉 in inc.footer.php file-

<!– Powered by <a href="" target="_blank"> AfterLogic WebMail Pro</a><br />
Copyright &copy; 2002-2010 <a href="" target="_blank">AfterLogic Corporation</a> –>

$domain= $_SERVER['SERVER_NAME'];
echo ":: CLICK BELOW LINK TO :: <BR /> <a href= https://$domain:20000>Change Password – Activation of Auto Responder – Enable Mail Forward </a>";