Troubled with broken Unicode Bengali fonts on onlyoffice document server

I was observing an issue on using bengali unicode font on my nextcloud integrated onlyoffice server. After spening a lot hours over google- I found the following pieces of information-

I was using onlyoffice server version 6.2 and on which the bengali font gets obfuscated and broken.

After reading the post entry on this site- was now sure why it was troubling me. Someone said- “Version 7.2 support Bengali script. And a lot of new functionality with text shaping.” Gotcha!

Next, wanted to upgrade my current 6.2 to 7.3 (at the time I am writing). Followed this procedure with no luck-

Later, tried to come up with a freshly build onlyoffice server on linux (On purpose avoided the docker as I’ll be needing few tweaks on the installations later)- surprisingly, got stucke with gpg keyserver error!!!! There is not quality installation reference with new major release on 7.x though there got many 6.x installaiton posts around.

For hours of spending reasearch on the activities- finally I got figured it out, but again stuck with unknown error while integrating with nextcloud. And the final notion- I gave up and moved into collabora office….

I suppose, it’d take some time from both ends’ I guess from OnlyOffice who lately claimed to have fixed the unicode matters (from different forum, read from their active community particiapnts, that they got some priority to fix things!!!) and nextcloud too to give cerain resolutions on how to adopt the recent OnlyOffice JWT mandatory.

So keep it up folks!



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