BD now member of Asia PKI Consortium

Bangladesh has been accepted as a member of the Asia PKI Consortium in its General Assembly (GA) Meeting held in Bangkok recently. The GA Meeting was chaired by Philip Leung, Chairman of Asia PKI Consortium and attended by member countries. The GA unanimously approved the membership of Bangladesh in the Asia PKI Consortium and expressed its interest to engage with Bangladesh in this complex field of technology, says a press release.

An international conference styled "The Common Denominators Collaboration of Cross-Region on E-Government Application, Cloud Computing and Security" was organised on the occasion in which large number international experts, companies took part Bangkok, Thailand recently. Ms Karen Chang, Office of Science and Technology, Executive YuanTaiwan and BAWG Chair along with Mr Shin Adachi, Dr Tschai Huei Jane and Mr Th Schee among others made presentations.

The Ministry of ICT of Thailand and Asia PKI Consortium (APKIC) were the hosts. The organiser of the event was Electronic Transaction Development Agency (ETDA) of Thailand, Business Case/Application Working Group (BAWG) of APKIC and Thailand PKI Association. Ms Suranghana Wayuparb, Chairperson of Thailand PKI Association & Vice Chair of APKIC Executive Director and CEO, ETDA along with Charamporn Jotikasthira, President of the Stock Exchange of Thailand and APKIC Chairman Philip Leung inaugurated the event.

Asia PKI Consortium (APKIC) was jointly established by Japan, China, Korea, Chinese Taipei and Singapore in 2001 to promote interoperability among PKIs in countries/areas in the Asia/Oceania Region to activate e-commerce utilising the PKIs. It coordinates cross-border PKI policies and technology, studies the laws and regulations of electronic transactions, and accelerates PKI technology standardization and the interoperability among APKIC members. It has promoted the development of international PKI interoperability by strengthening the cooperation between Asian countries/areas with PKI Forum in America and EESSI in Europe. Governments, enterprises and individuals need construction and application of PKI. APKIC, focuses on the coordination of cross-border PKI policy and technology.

Bangladesh has set up the legal framework for PKI and the Controller of Certifying Authorities and three Certifying Authorities have come into operation in 2012. Interoperability for facilitation of cross border ecommerce can be provided as the country progress in the creation of the IT infrastructure nationally for the expansion of trade, ecommerce and e-Services.

The Bangladesh delegation included A K M Shahabuddin, Deputy Controller, Abul Khair Muhammad Akkas Ali, Deputy Controller, Khan Mohammad Kaiser, Assistant Controller, Office of the CCA, Government of Bangladesh, A. K. M.Shamsuddoha, President, Dohatec Certifying Authority, Masudur Rahaman, RA Admin, Dohatec CA, Samiran Chakraborty, Senior Engineer, Dataedge Ltd. and Hasan Tanvir Emdad Rumi, Head of Technical Solutions, Mango Teleservices Ltd.



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