Enabling Ping requests to OCI Instance

If you want to test with Ping requests you’ll need to modify the Ingress rules on the security list associated with the VCN, Subnet, network device, thing, what ever, to allow ICMP packets. Allowing ICMP traffic is not required, it’s an option. Please only take this option if you understand the possible impact. The following directions cover enabling ICMP requests for a subnet.

  • From the hamburger button (three lines in the top left corner of the web console) Select Networking,  Virtual Cloud Networks, then select one of your VCNs
  • From the VCN Details screen select Security Lists from the list on the left.
  • Select the security list you wish to modify. Your Default security list should look like the following image. It allows SSH over port 22, and some ICMP types required for Oracle networking within the instance.

  • Click on Edit All Rules
  • The most secure method to allow ping requests is to add an ICMP rule scoped to the IP range you’ll be testing from. For this tutorial we’re going to allow pings from all networks( Click the +Another Ingress Rule button to add an additional rule to the security list.  Configure the rule as follows:
    IP Protocol: ICMP
    Type Code: 8 (Type code definitions)

  • After creating the rule in step 5 click Save Security List Rules. You should now be able to ping things. 


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