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Linux training materials such as tutorials, Linux courses, and videos are indexed here to help Linux users of all types move further along on their Linux path. We also provide books and manuals, online server courses, and instructor-led Linux training options. We’ve dedicated all of our time and energy to developing resources for these three types of users. What type of user are you?



Kannel Guide- nerd developer!

About me seems like quite a difficult to sum up on a single blog page :) So I’ll try and explain ‘about me’ by telling you how I got here. It could be said that I am obsessed with work, which is partially true because my work is my passion, I love technology, gadgets and all things related.If I’m not working, I am inevitably fiddling with something technical.

I was raised on a farm in the Eastern Cape until the age of 10 years old, and then my family decided it would be best for my sister and I if we could be in Port Elizabeth (‘the city’). I went to the Grey School in Port Elizabeth until age 15 when I moved to Alexander Road High School in order to be able to take Computer Science as a subject (among other things). I matriculated there in 2001. I have always been a serious geek so I managed to achieve a 99% mark for Computer Science High Grade in matric and the spoils associated with that (not many..)….



There has been a new trend in standards based design over the last year. The effect seems to have originally appeared in flash websites some time before, but with the use of javascript and a few good libraries people have found out how to do it while still using semantic XHTML/CSS.

The effect is what I call, “The Slider.” Instead of normal navigation where you click on a link and it takes you to another page, or even dynamically loads content onto the existing page, The Slider scrolls you to a different portion of the same page automatically. Sometimes this is simply scrolling down the page to the next content block (in a slow manor rather than an instant jump). Other times people have it scroll to another portion of the page that is not in a vertical manor, maybe 4000 pixels to the right and 500 upwards. The effect being the feeling of traveling to a different portion of the page itself. Lastly some have content scroll with in the content, so rather than the whole page moving the content with in a content block my scroll in and out.

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